Hall of Champions

League Champion – Dewey O’Flanagan (Lucky Slots)
2nd Place – Matt Cullen (The Tainted Samples)
3rd Place – Andrew Lovelette (Ace Ventura)
The Poo – Neil Hebert (#FHRITP)

League Champion – Dewey O’Flanagan (Lucky Slots)
2nd Place – Henry Seroogy (DRUMPFSTER FIRE)
3rd Place – Two Shirts (Joel Hrubesch)
Minor League CHUMPion – Andrew Lovelette (2nd Spitter)
The Poo – Andrew Culver (Mill City Minnows)

League Champion – Andrew Fefer (Hats for Bats)
2nd Place – Raji Alowairdi (Old-Timey Asshats)
3rd Place – Joel Hrubesch (Two Shirts)
Minor League CHUMPion – Kurt Kotenberg (The Iowegians)
The Poo – Dewey O’Flanagan (Dragon Slayers)

League Champion – Raji Alowairdi (Old-Timey Asshats)
2nd Place – Andrew Fefer (Hats for Bats)
3rd Place – Rani Alowairdi (Detroit Spooks)
Minor League CHUMPion: Corey Czekalski (One Shirt, Inc.)

League Champion – Andrew McCawley (Who’s On First)
2nd Place – Joel Hrubesch (Two Shirts)
3rd Place – Rusty Dawkins (WX Web Gem)

League Champion – Dewey O’Flanagan (The Genius of Dumbass Co.)
2nd Place – Joel Hrubesch (Two Shirts)
  *Due to the experimental nature of this first season and a team banished due to cheating, the season is counted as an exhibition and not officially recognized as a championship.

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